It finally all boils down to the money you need to fund your startup. Raking in the moolah is the most prime thought on any entrepreneur’s mind.

Why don’t I make it easy for you by helping you pitch in the right way to investors and also connect you to the who’s who in the VC networks! If your idea has potential and you have the vision to convert a Startup Idea to an IPO, then I’m sure there will be VCs aspiring to invest eagerly in your vision.

Here is the Funding journey a Startup goes through. I would be there every step along the way to hold your hand through it right from helping you create your Pitch Deck to being there beside you in the interviews.

NOTE : I have a special soft corner for Student Startups. So if you are part of a Student Startup or a part of a College Entrepreneurship Cell please feel free to reach out to me and it would be my absolute honour to assist you in any way that I can.