What after your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is ready? How are you going to shoot out from the rooftops so that customers are drawn to it? Let me tell you getting your first 100 customers is the only challenge. Once you do that successfully, it’s a joy ride after that!

Tried and tested techniques that I have learnt over the past 2 decades would surely provide you the help you need

  • Here’s how I can help
    • Building your Marketing Funnel which is a defined step wise process to convert a prospect into a customer
    • Content is King – that is what marketers say. Rich content related to your product can be a biggest ambassador for your product marketing
    • Ranking high on Google is one of the biggest attributes of Digital Marketing. Mainly so, because traffic that comes from it is Organic in nature – which in simple terms means FREE Marketing – no expenditure needed. It would be my pleasure to share the secrets to effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to give your product the Organic boost it needs
    • Artificial Intelligence is no more just a buzz word. It plays a very big role in Marketing too. Marketing Automation uses AI techniques to ensure you are connected to your customers all the time, without too much manual intervention from your Marketing team leaving them free for other activities which require human intervention like actively engaging with your customers on social media. Just setup your Emails/SMS/Whatsapp on Robot mode once and let automation take care of the rest.

NOTE : I have a special soft corner for Student Startups. So if you are part of a Student Startup or a part of a College Entrepreneurship Cell please feel free to reach out to me and it would be my absolute honour to assist you in any way that I can.